Rent Your Home to your Business

Your business can rent your home (or a room in your home) from you for up to 2 weeks in a tax-advantaged manner. Your business pays you and deducts the payment and you don’t have to include the rental income on your personal tax return. Example: Your business invites your employees to your home for a Christmas Party. Your business rents your home from you and pays you a fair-rental-rate of $2,000. Your business can deduct the $2,000 payment. You, the individual, don’t have to treat that $2,000 as income. Thus, you enjoy a $2,000 deduction for transferring money from one of your pockets to the other.

Donation vs. Advertising

If you get business-recognition for your donation, then you can deduct it as advertising instead of as a donation. Advertising is an above-the-line deduction that always saves tax. Donations are an itemized deduction that sometimes save tax (and never as much as an above-the-line deduction).