Indiana’s Automatic Taxpayer Refund

On August 5, Governor Eric Holcomb signed legislation authorizing a new $200 automatic taxpayer refund for qualifying individuals, $400 for joint filers.
If you are still waiting on your original $125 refund from Indiana via check payment. You will receive that amount along with the additional $200.
If you received the initial $125 via direct deposit, you will receive the $200 ($400 joint filers) via direct deposit again. Indiana’s goal is to send these out mid to late August.
You are eligible for the $200 refund as long as your tax return for 2020 was filed by 1/3/22 or earlier & your 2021 tax return was filed by 4/18/22 with a direct deposit account listed.
Keep an eye on your bank accounts and your mailbox! For further questions, please reach out to us!