IRS Extends Certain Relief from Required Distribution Penalties for Inherited IRA and Retirement Accounts to Cover 2024, But Indicates the Penalties are Expected to Apply for 2025

Inherited IRAs are subject to Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) according to the SECURE Act. Per the SECURE Act, RMDs would be required for each of the first nine years following the decedent’s death with the remaining balance to be withdrawn in the tenth year. However, the IRS will not begin penalizing missed RMDs until 2025 at the earliest. The IRS announced that penalties will not be imposed on taxpayers who fail to take the RMDs on IRAs and Roth IRAs inherited from decedents who passed away after 2019 through year end 2024. While RMDs may not be required for 2024, we recommend that you strategize with your CPA on the best way to distribute funds from these accounts before the end of the tenth year so you don’t end up with a large tax impact in year ten.