Indiana 529 Credit

Indiana offers a credit of 20% of your contributions to a 529 account with a maximum credit of $1,500. If you have a child in college or private K-12, then contribute $7.5K to their Indiana College Choice 529 account, and then turn around and put that money back into your personal checking account. You don’t need to leave the 529 funds in the 529 to get the $1.5K Indiana tax
credit (i.e., save $1.5K of Indiana tax each year you do this). Contributions are now based on
an April 15th deadline. Meaning you can contribute towards the prior year up until April 15th of the following year as long as you apply the contribution to the prior year. To ensure you get the credit, you must have an Indiana 529 account. Indiana does cross reference the account contributions with your return and will deny the credit if the account isn’t an Indiana account.