Auto-Related Tax Deductions

Do you use your personal vehicle for work purposes?

If you drive your personal car to and from job-related destinations, you qualify to deduct the miles driven off of your taxes. For example, driving to a sales meeting, going to buy office equipment, or going to the airport would count as a write off. At a minimum, for each trip, you should keep records of the destination, the number of miles driven, and the business-purpose of the trip.  You can deduct 53.5 cents for each mile driven for business for the 2017 tax season.

Keep in mind that the commute from home to work is never deductible (unless you have a qualified home office). But, if you are temporarily assigned to another location that is further from your house than your regular office, you can deduct the extra miles driven. If your employer reimburses you for mileage or provides you with a company car, then you cannot deduct this from your taxes.  

Confusing?  For sure, but keep in mind that we are always here whenever you call so call anytime.